MCT Powder | Medium Chain Triglycerides

MCT Powder | Medium Chain Triglycerides

Medium Chain Triglycerides
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  • New Zealand made

    Premium New Zealand made Micro-Batched product

  • Supports metabolic function 
    Meet functional fitness, bodybuilding and lifestyle supplement requirements

  • Diet friendly

    Perfect as part of any high protein or keto diet

  • Loaded with Goodness
    High quality ingredients carefully selected for optimal performance


MCT Powder, derived purely from coconut. Nothing else.

Add it to your smoothie or Nutratech shake, enjoy it in your coffee as a creamer, or use as a supplement and take it by the tablespoon.

Use anytime, but best in the morning or prior to a workout for:
• Fat loss
• Mental Focus
• Reduce lactate build up

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Deanna Colligan

Mixes well, true no flavour so doesnt affect coffee or protein shake

Ria Sermonia
Awesome stuff

mild on my tummy and gives me just the right amount of energy that I need. dilutes rather well and doesn't affect the way my drinks taste which is awesome. 4 stars as I wish this would come in a resealable pack with other weight options, but the free shipping makes it all good to get in small amounts.

Aaron Richards
Great stuff

Great stuff and it's right here in nz, I mix it in my coffee every morning now what more can I say, give it a go?

Natko Muzina
Rocket Fuel

Perfect for making "rocket fuel" sports drink as seen on GCN (recipe from The Cyclist’s Cookbook by Nigel Mitchell).

Kemy Kohama Simeone

Excellent to complement your dietary.

James Mcbride
Mvt powder

I am very happy with the product. It micas well in both coffee and water.

Lyall Clapham
Another great product

Mixes well with pre workout drinks. Again Very happy with this product.

Emma Swanwick
Mct before every ride

I have been using the mct powder with 2scoops in coffee before each ride that I do. It certainly seems to be making a difference, as Itnseems to help level out the blood glucose levels. In moderate intensity rides it has also aided the rides without bonking. Still some more areas to test out but a good start to using this product

What's inside?

Fitness enthusiasts will benefit from MCT oil’s unique properties in that the oil can help with muscle mass gain and fat loss. It is the perfect partner for low or reduced carb diets, helping to get your macros exactly where you want them!

Let's break it down

MCT oil offers fat-burning energy and burns three times more than other fats. This fat-burning effect can last up to six hours after MCT oil is used. Ketogenesis and increased Intra Muscular Fatty Acids (IMFA) can be induced by the use of MCT oil, which are an important alternative fuel to glucose produced and preferred by the body for energy from consuming carbs.

You can add MCT oil to your morning routine to speed up your metabolism and keep your mind sharp and focused. It can also keep you full and satisfied longer to prevent food emergencies and snacking.

During exercise, rising lactate levels can negatively impact exercise performance. Taking 1.5 teaspoons of Nutratech MCT oil before a workout may result in lower lactate levels and you will find it easier to exercise.

The Highlights

✔ Supports ketosis
✔ Boosts brain and memory function
✔ Supports metabolic function
✔ Helps to control cravings
✔ Reduces lactate build up
✔ Easy to mix, no aftertaste


MCT Powder, derived purely from coconut. Nothing else.


Yes! Mix it with your daily coffee or smoothie to add creaminess without altering the taste.

MCT has no negative side effects when taken correctly. Too much of anything can have side effects - always consult your healthcare practitioner when starting a new diet or exercise plan.

Nutritional Information

Our MCT powder is sourced from only the best suppliers for guaranteed quality. It's as pure as pure can be!

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