Wholesale Account Terms and Conditions



1. Definitions “Vendor” refers to Nutratech Ltd. “Customer” refers to the company/person applying for an account/credit as per the application.

2. Payment on the account is to be made as specified under “TERMS” on page 1. If Payment is not received within 60 days of the due date your account will be referred to a debt collection agency for collection. Any cost incurred in collecting monies will be borne by the customer. Nutratech Ltd reserves the right to withdraw all credit facilities if payment is not received by the due date.

3. Minimum order size is $300.00 inc GST on the wholesale prices.

4. The risk in respect of the goods supplied shall pass to the customer upon delivery to its premises.

5. Prices are subject to alteration without notice. Prices are those ruling at the date of the order being accepted and confirmed.

6. Liability of the vendor for any loss or damage whatsoever and howsoever caused (including loss or damage caused by negligence of the vendor or its servants or agents or subcontractors) arising out of or in connection with the sale of the goods supplied shall be limited to either replacement of the goods, or at the option of the vendor, a refund of the purchase price. In particular and without limiting the generality of this clause the vendor shall in no circumstances be liable for economic or consequential losses.

7. Claims for short delivery and/or damaged goods must be made to Nutratech Ltd within 72 hours of delivery. Claims in connection with defective goods showing obvious manufacturing defects will be replaced or credited. These items must be returned to Nutratech Ltd for evaluation.

8. Once purchased and delivered, goods are the property of the customer. Goods are not supplied on either “Sale or Return” or “Sale or Exchange”.

9. Where the agreement is entered into by a company, the Directors agree to personally guarantee all amounts which are payable to Nutratech Ltd at any time by the customer and acknowledge that Nutratech Ltd may demand and recover from the Directors any amounts which are payable by the customer instead of or as well as demanding payment from the Company.

10. All goods must be held and sold in reasonable condition. Damaged or defective items may not be sold for any amount.

11. We acknowledge that in ordering the goods set out above we agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of sale.

Credit Policy:

a) I understand that credit maybe withdrawn should the authorised credit limit be exceeded.

b) The vendor requires all issues with an order (short deliveries, damaged goods, out of specification goods, wrong goods) to be notified within 72 hours of the goods being delivered.

c) Except in the case of wrong prices charged or short deliveries, all goods for credit must be returned to the vendor’s address. Where this is not practical, the goods must be sighted by a representative of Nutratech Ltd and will be at their discretion as to credit and disposal.

d) All returned goods must be accompanied by the Packing Slip (or copy of it). Goods returned without prior knowledge of Nutratech Ltd remain the property and responsibility of the customer. Once the credit request is received by the vendor’s accounts department a Credit Note will be issued.

e) Short delivery: It is the vendor’s policy not to place goods on back order. Goods short supplied will be re-sent. If the correct amount was dispatched and the customer has signed for the correct delivery (as evidenced by a signed proof of delivery), no credit will be issued or replacement goods sent. If the correct number of goods were dispatched but not received by the customer, the short delivered goods will be replaced.

f) Damaged goods: It is the vendor’s policy to replace goods damaged. The vendor has the right to pick up damaged goods for further investigation. If the goods were not received in damaged condition (e.g. goods were damaged in-store by customer or otherwise) then no credit or replacement goods will be issued.

g) Out of specification product: It is the vendor’s policy to dispatch goods with not less than two months shelf life remaining. For goods that have exceeded their shelf life, but were delivered within specification, no credit or replacement stock will be given. If any goods are delivered out of specification, they must be returned, and replacement goods will be shipped. All out of specification delivered goods must be reported within 48 hours of delivery.

h) Wrong price charged: A credit note will be issued for the agreed amount of the overcharge, after confirmation and agreement that an overcharge has occurred.

i) Wrong product delivered: If the wrong product was delivered and invoiced, it is the vendor’s policy to issue a credit note and reship the correct product, (after checking the original order to establish whether the correct product was ordered). The incorrect goods must be returned to the vendor.

j) Customer cannot sell the goods: It is not the vendor’s policy to issue credits for goods that the customer is unable to sell or ordered by mistake.

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