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Mass Gainer

I ordered the Ice Cream Sandwich flavor and absolutely love it. Mixed with water still has plenty of flavor and gives you the full feeling after a workout!!! Highly recommend!!!

Natural sweetener preferred.

They gave me a quick refund after I discovered an ingredient was a chemical sweetener that I wasn't comfortable giving it my daughter.
Apparently sucralose is a chemical and banned in some countries for children.
If it was Stevia would've been fine.

My new favourite protein powder!!

I wanted a low carb protein powder and found it with Nutratech. The French Vanilla works great with coffee, almond milk and ice to make a frappe!! (Sorry, I can't review the actual flavour as I have never had it without the coffee added.) Love that it isn't sickly sweet like other powders can be. Tempted to try the chocolate.

Natural whey protein powder

Another great product , goes well with pure Creatine Monohydrate Love these two products together!

Cookies & Cream Protein Powder - 5 stars!

This is by far the best protein powder I’ve used! My daughter is a customer so I had been trying my daughters before I purchased (she’s good like that ❤️) and it is SO creamy! I have a scoop mixed into my morning oats with almond milk, cinnamon, berries and banana and it’s delicious! I was spoilt for choice with the different flavours but having inside intell (my daughter) I went with cookies & cream. Not gluggy at all, mixes well. I ordered this one as the vegan option was out of stock at the time but I’m glad I did! I also suffer with IBS and some protein powders I’ve used in the past from other brands would upset my tummy but not this one! Great value for money too and didn’t take long to arrive especially given so close to Christmas. Buy local, you won’t be disappointed. I’ll be a repeat customer.
Merry Christmas and thank you 😊

Nutra whey Strawberry

Absolutely delicious. Easy to drink. Best protein shake by far 😁

Best product

I have using this from couple of month. I really like the taste and also see the results in my body. cookie n creame is best so far. We keep ordering some more products

Nutrition Whey French Vanilla

Tried this for the first time and as a beginner and loved the taste from the first day. Vanilla is too mainstream but French Vanilla is wicked. Definitely will make this my go to all the time.

Nutra Whey Protein Samples
Kimberley Tobeck



Really enjoyed the strawberry cream tasted like strawberry milkshake , and vanilla was good. Didn't so much like the chocolate it was really weak in flavour, couldn't taste chocolate.

Amino Juice
Nadine Stone

Love this flavour 3rd time ordering it too scared to try any other flavour but so recommend 😊

Good taste and good customer service

Prefix | The Best Pre-Workout In NZ
Focus, pump and strength

My new favorite PWO, definitely dissing the C4

Unbeatable stack

Using these two, almost time to buy again, will be back for sure.

So good!

I am really impressed with this product, pure and nasty stuff and tastes like nothing, which is great. I drink a little with my preworkout and another little bit during the middle of the day to boost my energy. Definitely ordering again.

Enduro fuel

As a committed motorcycle sportsman I work hard to keep my weight low and have abundant energy, Myopro Gold does it for me.

Pure Beta Alanine | 500g
Georgina Kokich
It helps my workouts

As some of my pre workouts dont have any or much beta alanine in them I thought I'd add my own.this stuff kicks in within 5 mins and gives me that tingle I love.definately does what its supposed to!

Great flavour and creamy texture

I usually use whey and I dont generally like the texture and taste of casein. As I wanted something that has the best of both worlds I decided to buy this.its not too sweet , very pleasant flavour and is a perfect balance of both types of protein .its nice and thick because of the casein so it's very filling and creamy. I'm looking forward to trying all the flavors and it also does not cause me any digestive upsets.the shipping was very fast and I also received a free shaker with powder compartment.

Nutratech Pea Protein - Chocolate

Great pea protein powder! Minimal grain texture only bad thing is very sweet but it’s a grrst close to choc ice cream! Perfect with banana & berries.


Finally a decent pre workout, loved the prefix and this is another step up again, highly recommend

As good as I remembered

Used to get Nurtawhey back in 2014, and stopped when it wasn’t available. Back now and it’s still as good as it was back then! Vanilla is a good flavour

It’s the good stuff

Been using Nutratech Creatine Monohydrate for years. It’s the good stuff!!

Plain Whey Concentrate

Had been looking for some time for a plain whey powder and finally found it. The price was good, it was delivered on time & the easy to seal bag is great.

Pea Protein Isolate 1kg
Elliot Gaensicke
Good service

Easy to order and fast turn around. Prefer the bigger size but was not available. Ordered the smaller 2 x 1Kg. Worked out fine.

John Smith
Excellent Value & Simple Ingredients

Will keep buying if kept this competitive.