Amino Juice | Fermented Amino Acid Drink
Amino Juice | Fermented Amino Acid Drink
Amino Juice | Premium Fermented Amino Acid Blend-Raspberry
Amino Juice | Premium Fermented Amino Acid Blend-Watermelon
Amino Juice | Premium Fermented Amino Acid Blend-Apple
Amino Juice | Premium Fermented Amino Acid Blend-

Amino Juice | Fermented Amino Acid Drink

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Amino Juice is a no-frills BCAA & L-Glutamine amino acid drink that is available in a number of refreshing fruit flavours. It packs up to 6000mg BCAA and 2000mg L-Glutamine per serving and is completely carbohydrate and sugar-free.


When it comes to BCAA’s & other Amino Acid formulas you will be hard-pressed to find a cleaner, more refreshing option than Amino Juice. You can finally look forward to each and every serving knowing it is completely sugar-free and packed with the right ratios of the most sought after amino acids in the industry.


Reported Benefits:

- Increased muscle recovery

- Decreased muscle wasting

- Increased protein synthesis

- Increased fat burning potential

- Help stabilise blood sugar levels


Formula Breakdown:


BCAA 4:1:1 L-Leucine / L-Valine / L-Isoleucine (3000-6000mg per serving)

BCAAs are classified separately from other amino acids, they are unique partially because of their composition but also because they are highly prominent in muscle tissue, and can account for around fourteen to eighteen percent of its amino acid make-up.

A study by the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition showed that BCAAs may improve protein synthesis, shorten recovery times and reduce post training muscle soreness.

L-Leucine seems to be the most active amino acid in BCAAs when it comes to the array of positive effects; we included a BCAA ratio of 4:1:1 so you get more L-Leucine than with most other BCAA products.


L-Glutamine (1000-2000mg per serving)

L-Glutamine is the most abundant free amino acid in the human body. High levels of Glutamine is naturally found in dairy, meat, eggs,  whey and casein proteins as well as isolated glutamine supplements.

Glutaminecan be used as a fuel source, can help to boost the immune system, and aid in recovery. Glutamine may also play a role in preventing muscle catabolism, increasing muscle mass, and keeping the muscles hydrated. It is a building block of protein and essential in bodily processes such as providing fuel to cells and making  other amino acids and glucose.




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Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Melanie Harris

Absolutely love my amino juice. It tastes like it should be naughty but it's got all of the good stuff in it. I have also noticed I'll have more fluid intake during excercise too.

Kaylie Hill
Amino juice

Tastes amazing, so hard finding supplements that actually taste good

Manu K
Good stuff

Tastes great, works well

linda schmidt

Amino Juice | Fermented Amino Acid Drink

Mel Rika

Love this product, my favourite is the Berry but this pineapple is close 2nd.

Meeka Conochie
Best tasting aminos

I love sweet tasting aminos and this one definitely hits the mark. Very tasty.