Build a warm-up routine that will elevate your workout to the max

We get it.
You're doing everything you can to get the most out of your workout time. You've downed your Prefix and you're ready to go: you're PUMPED to just jump in and get right to it.

But did you know you can elevate your workout to the MAX with a simple warm-up routine?

"When your central nervous system and muscles are correctly prepped for what's to come, you will perform noticeably better than if they're underprepared."

"When you are performing strength-training exercises, your muscles shorten and lengthen, and if they aren't warm or 'prepped,' your muscles are more prone to tear and pull." - Danielle Burrell

So what's the key to a fast and effective warm-up?

“Bad warm-ups leave strength on the table”

The key to an excellent warm-up routine is having a PLAN. Know what your intentions for your workout are, and then focus on warming up - on preparing - those areas of your body for how you want them to perform.
  • Begin with foam rolling - yes, you read that right! Foam rollers help to get your blood flowing to the right places, and rolling your muscles will help you release any tension and identify which muscle groups really need to be stretched and/or focused on.
Start with dynamic movements:
  • Stretch each area of your body by inhaling deeply and exhaling on the stretch, repeating the action until you feel the muscle awaken.
  • Bring focus to your joints, and flex each joint in gentle circular motions, in both directions.
  • Add gentle movements such as squats, lunges, jogging on the spot, and jumping jacks. Work your way up to high energy plyometrics (explosive exercises that require you to generate a large amount of force in a short period of time).

These should be short and sharp. You only need 4-5 reps of each to be fully warmed up and ready to go!​ Examples of some great plyometrics are:

Pop Squats
Reverse Lunge to Knee-Up Jumps
Tuck Jumps
Jump Squat With Heel Taps
Box Jumps
Single-Leg Deadlift to Jumps
Hands-Release Push-Ups

Once you've practiced performing a good solid warm-up routine before your workout a few times, you'll be wondering how you ever went without it!

What more can you do to get the most out of your workout?
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