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Pea Pro 85 | Vegan Pea Protein Powder

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With less than 100 calories per serving, PeaPro-85 is a GMO-free, ultra-clean pea protein powder providing 85% protein in its raw unflavoured form. When it comes to taste and flavour we are confident that you will find PeaPro-85 the best the market has to offer. Perfect for vegans, vegetarians or anyone wanting to add a non-dairy, gluten and egg-free option to their diet.


Pea protein isolate is currently one of the fastest-growing options in the protein supplement market. Being gluten, GMO, dairy and egg-free it is clear to see whey pea protein is currently so popular. We have formulated all flavours from the ground up to bring you great-tasting options from dessert-like to refreshing fruit flavours.

Reported Benefits:

- Easy way to increase daily protein intake

- Help regulate blood sugar

- Assist in weight management

- Support a healthy heart

- Increased muscle thickness

- High in BCAAs

Why PeaPro-85?

PeaPro-85 is an amazing source of protein with up to 24g of protein per serving and 37 servings per 1kg pouch. It is extremely low in fat and carbs and has less than 100 calories per serving. Our clean low-calorie formula, refreshing flavours and realistic pricing are what separates  PEaPro-85 from the rest.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Savanah Stewart
Best plant based protein!

I love this stuff, I use it for smoothies and oats. It tastes amazing and blends well. Will always order this product!

Anna Clark
Great protein powder

This is a great powder, very smooth. Not sure on the chocolate flavour though as tastes a lot like sweetener...

James Fitzgerald

First time Ive tried a mango flavour. Loved it! goes great with my Soy milk. no “grainy” taste at all. I will be buying it again shortly (will try a different flavour though)

Amber Croad
Best protein ever!

I discovered this protein a year ago now and I’m never going back to another!!! Best texture and taste for a pea protein whether you have it on its own, in a smoothie or oats!

Lucy Kenner
Double chocolate flavour

I bought the double choc flavour and it’s hands down the best pea protein I’ve ever had - great taste and texture and mixes really well just with water. I’ll definitely be coming back for more

Grant Black
Best value GF protein powder - coeliac suitable

Best value GF (non dairy) protein powder I come across. Been buying for a few years now. Great protein addition in GF weetbix for breakfast. Tastes great too.