Nutra Whey Protein Samples
Nutra Whey Protein Samples
Nutra Whey Protein Samples
Nutra Whey Protein Samples
Nutra Whey Protein Samples

Nutra Whey Protein Samples

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Your friends say Nutra Whey is their go-to, but you are not sure which flavour, try a sampler pack and decide which is your favourite.
Nutra Whey is made from certified GMO-free, grass-fed cow's milk harvested only in New Zealand. One serving provides 120 calories or less and is packed with 24gram of protein.


  • Made from grass-fed sourced, GMO-free NZ whey protein
  • 24 gram of protein per serving
  • Low carbohydrate & low fat
  • 6 great-tasting gluten-free flavours
  • Sucrose free 
  • Made in New Zealand 

Genuine NZ Whey Protein

You probably know by now Nutrawhey is made from New Zealand whey. To take it a step further, not all New Zealand made whey proteins are GMO-free and not all of them are harvested only from a grass-fed source in the crisp and clean South Island. Obviously, ours is all of the above and more. Nutrawhey is instantised for easy mixing and comes in a variety of gluten-free flavours as well as Cookies & Cream and our ultrapure RAW version.  Nutrawhey is free of GMOs, hormones, pesticides and chemicals, you can truly enjoy it with confidence. 

Superior level of BCAAs

BCAAs are the byproduct of protein breakdown and are well researched for playing a critical process in supporting positive body composition. BCAAs via whey protein supplementation has been proven in numerous clinical trials and scientific studies to increase protein synthesis for muscle building and fat burning. BCAAs also improve muscle recovery time, enhance the immune system, and boost overall fitness performance. (1-5) 

Custom gluten-free flavours

Our flavours are top-notch and you can be sure to look forward to each and every serving. Our Cookies and Cream version is made with custom Mrs Higgins biscuit crumbs to give you one of the best Cookies & Cream versions around. Apart from Cookies & Cream, all other flavours are gluten-free and our RAW natural version is as clean as it gets. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Andrew Hart

Nutra Whey Protein Samples

Lisa Bastick
Great taste - even with water!

I used to only mix my proteins with milk because of the taste, but I don’t need to with yours!

Paul Longworth

Super quick postage and great flavours

Kelsi Thompson
Great taste.

I tried the cookies and cream, it tastes great and blended really well!

Ria Sermonia
Good stuff

Have tried the chocolate and butterscotch fudge as i can only have GF pretty yummy, people saying its too sweet but i have a sweettooth so perfect for me!! Wish the cookies and cream was GF though!

Lisa Duval
Best protein

Always great